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Fate: Return to Destiny
By: Tara
Chapter 3

"Miss?Miss?Are you ok?"a firmiliar voice asked.Eve could feel a strong hand entwined with hers as she lye helpless in the cold snow.She openned her eyes and the cruel sun reflected off the snow causing a blinding light that forced her eyes to close again,"Where-am-I?"She had no recollection of anything.

"You're in the park."the man answered,stroking her snow crested hair,"That must have been some awful fall you took."he added,looking at the gash on her head.

"What happened?"she mumbled.

"I don't know.I came for a walk in the park and I found you here.I assumed you fell."he said as she openned her eyes again and attempted to stand,"Here let me help you."

He took her hand and slowly eased her up.'There's something firmiliar about her.' he thought to himself.

"Thank you."she said when she finally stood on her weak legs,"What did you say your name was?"

"Didn't."he answered with a laugh,"The name's Stephen Clay,"he answered,kissing her hand,"And you are..."

"Oh my name is..."Eve stopped and thought.She couldn't remember.Everything was so blurry in her mind,"I don't know what my name is!"she finally cried with a gasp.A dizzy feeling washed over her and suddenly everything went black.

Amy and James were watching Stephen as he carried Eve to his place.

"Not fair!"Amy cried,realizing the trick James had pulled on her.

"Who said anything about fairness?"James asked,an evil smirk spreading across his old withered face.

"You tricked me."she announced,tossing her brown hair off to the side of her black dress,"You cheated."

"You tricked me!You cheated!"James mimicked Amy's whinings,"Oh give me a break Haris!Stop complaining!You got your wish and soon Eve will be here too.For all eternity."he said with an evil laugh,"All Caleb,my faithful servent,has to do is make Eve fall in love with him.Then I get two souls for the price of one!"

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