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Fate: Return to Destiny

By: Tara

Chapter 4

With Eve safely resting on the couch,Stephen was left alone to think things through.There was something firmiliar about her.Something he reconized from his time as Caleb.Feeling frusterated,he went over to his computer.

He clicked a folder entitled Port Charles Residence.He looked towards her as she slept and then went through the file.Finally he found what he was looking for,"I knew she looked firmiliar!"he told himself,feeling so stupid for not figuring it out sooner,"Doctor Lambert,how nice to see you again.I wonder how my Daniel is doing?"he asked aloud,although she was asleep,"Wait a minute--"he said looking back at the computer screen,"says here you died two years ago.But you're here.That must mean you-"

He cut himself off and looked to the sky,"James!"he yelled,not worried about waking her,"What are you trying to prove?"

Eve stirred in her sleep and turned to face him,"Stephen?"she called

Quickly he turned the computer off and turned to her,"Have you had any memories?"he asked.

"No nothing."

"Well I was thinking,"he said,joining her on the couch,"You need a name."

"But I can remember."Eve reminded him.

"Ok then we'll give you a new name."

"Can we do that?"

"Sure.It'll just be until you remember you're old one."he said with a smile.

"What if I never do?"she worried.

"Well then we'll just have to cal you by your new name then,"Stephen said with a flirtatious smile,"What about the name Amber?"

"Uh not me.I think something else would be better."Eve replied.

"Lyndsi?"Stephen suggested.

"I don't think so."Eve replied.


"Do I look like a Tiffany to you?"Eve asked with a laugh,"Keep trying."

"How about Skye?"he finally asked,"After all,you seemed to have fallin out of the Skye."

Eve giggled,"I like it!"she said with a smile.He smiled back and caressed her hair.

"Well then,it's nice to meet you Skye.I'm Stephen."

Eve laughed again as Stephen playfully kissed her hand,"And Stephen I'm Skye."

There was an awkward silence between the two of them and then Eve broke it,"You know I never thanked you for saving me.I would've froze to death in the snow or bled out first."

Stephen smiled and flipped his dark brown hair out of his face,"Just consider me a generally concerned citizen.Any other person would've done the same thing."

"But they didn't.I'm glad you found me.Thanks for your help."she said,smiling and then getting up.

"Would you like something to drink?"he asked,watching her stand up and streach,"Do you feel dizzy?Do you want to go see a doctor?"

"No I don't need a doctor but a drink would be nice."

"What would you like?"

"Well I'll have..."Eve cut herself off,realizing she didn't know what she liked,"...a glass of water I guess."she finally finished,thinking she couldn't go wrong with plain H2O.

"I'll be right back."he said,going off to the kitchen.

Feeling curious,Eve wandered over to the computer where Stephen had been.She hit a button and the screen lit up...


 More to Come Soon....

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