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10/31-News Updated


Tom to OLTL

Heather Tom is quite busy these days. Just arriving on the East Coast to assume the role of One Life to Live's Kelly Cramer she starts shooting Nov. 3 Tom needs to figure out the closest dry cleaner to her hotel to prepare for her upcoming appearance on The View. ABC is rolling out the red carpet for its new employee, and Tom is grateful. "I couldn't have asked for a better welcome," she beams. "Hopefully, it's the start of a beautiful friendship." Tom's announcement of her exit from her 13-year, Emmy award-winning role as Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless shocked the industry. "In the middle of a four-year deal, [Y&R] came to me with a change in the way they wanted to utilize me, and I didn't think it was in my best interest," she reveals. Tom's departure was only topped by her decision to assume the role of Dorian's spunky niece. "When we first started talking, it was about writing a new character, but this was something they were going to do, so they asked how I would feel taking over the role," she shares. "I've watched OLTL for years, so I had a basic idea who Kelly is, and I'm excited about it. It's a great role." What Tom's not so excited about is New York's cold weather. "I'm going to freeze my butt off. I don't have any winter clothes," she declares. "A friend who was shooting in Canada gave me a whole bag of sweaters and coats. Hopefully I'll have enough until I can do some shopping." Tom can seek out a warm welcome in the theater. She hopes to be working the New York stage by next year. "I'm doing a play in January in Florida, and it has a good chance of coming to New York for a run." Tom debuts on OLTL Dec. 11.
Anna Lee Off Contract

Anna Lee, who has played General Hospital's matriarch Lila Quartermaine since 1978, will be taken off contract as of November. The news comes as a shock for the 90-year-old, wheelchair-bound actress, who states through her rep that she was promised a lifetime contract under the reign of GH's former executive producer, Wendy Riche. "There is no such thing as a lifetime contract with [GH]," clarifies an ABC executive. Although Lee will no longer be considered a contract player, ABC stresses, through an official announcement, that the 25-year vet will still be utilized. "Anna Lee has been a beloved cast member of General Hospital for many years, and it is our intent to continue to use her in a recurring role as Lila Quartermaine on the show as story needs may dictate."

Other GH News

J. Robin Miller, who assumed the role of Nikolas's dowry bride, Lydia, in July, is exiting General Hospital, confirms the actress's rep. Lydia came to town via Stefan, who wanted the young heiress to marry Nikolas and restore the Cassadine fortune. Her story apparently came to a close with Stefan's death. Miller is currently shooting an episode of NavyNCIS with soap grad Michael Weatherly (ex-Cooper, Loving). Also exiting the show is Andrea C. Pearson (Gia). A GH rep declined to comment on the actresses' contract status.

Tom to One Life to Live

It's official. Heather Tom (Victoria, Y&R) will make the trek to the East Coast to assume the role of Kelly Cramer on One Life to Live, a spokesperson confirms. Tom's surprising announcement of her departure from her award-winning role on The Young and the Restless put the actress back in the daytime market. The buzz behind Tom joining the OLTL cast gained momentum when she and her brother, David Tom (ex-Billy, Y&R) were spotted in New York City in early October. Tom will be the third actress to play Kelly. Gina Tognoni originated the role of Dorian's spunky niece in 1995 and stayed with OLTL through 2000. B&B alum Tracy Melchior stepped into the part in July.

"Heather and I started on the show on the same month in 1991, and I'm devastated that she's leaving," laments Y&R's executive producer David Shaughnessy. "She is a wonderfully talented actress, and she'll be sorely missed." Adds Y&R's co-executive producer/head writer Jack Smith: "Heather has always wanted to explore New York theater and this is giving her an opportunity to do that. We regret losing her." Tom will make her first ABC appearance as a guest co-host on The View Oct. 30 and 31.

Llainview Serial Killer

In other OLTL news... A serial killer is about to hit One Life to Live, and the list of victims is already growing. While an OLTL rep declined to comment on the news, setside sources hint that several names are reportedly on the chopping block, including longtime vets Patricia Elliot (Renee) and Fiona Hutchison (Gabrielle). The carnage begins Oct. 31.

Finnigan to Exit B&B

Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget, B&B) quelled the rumors of her future with The Bold and the Beautiful when she announced her upcoming departure from the soap during a taping of Soap Talk. "I had just made the decision the day before, so what better place to make the announcement," she tells TV Guide Online. Finnigan will stay with B&B until the role can be recast. "It's hard for me to think of someone else playing Bridget; she's a fantastic character who's close to my heart." she shares. To her successor, she advises, "Play her with as much humanity as possible, and a sense of humor." Finnigan, who has two consecutive Emmys to her credit, is currently in talks with networks and studios for future projects. "I'm a little apprehensive about taking this big step, but I have received so much encouragement from everyone," she shares, adding she'd like to pursue feature films. "My favorite would be in the dramatic department, something gritty, and find comedy within the drama." Finnigan will be seen on B&B through the New Year.

Bobbie to All My Children

Don't cry for Bobbie Eakes (Macy, B&B). The daytime vet and real-life chanteuse is singing a new tune. She has been cast as Krystal, Babe's mom, on All My Children. The longtime vet's impending exit from Bold and the Beautiful came as a surprise to the indsutry; she just rejoined the cast in December 2002 after a three-year absence. Look for her to debut on AMC in November.


More AMC Casting News

In other AMC news... Stage and screen actor Edward Hibbert joins the cast of All My Children in the recurring role of Mr. Flowers, a funeral director. Best known for his role as Gil Chesterton on Frasier, he is also the voice of Zazu in The Lion King series and currently appears in the Mafia comedy Friends and Family with AMC alum Brian Lane Green (ex-Brian). Hibbert's first airdate is Nov. 11.

Oscar Winning Actor to the Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless has tapped legendary screen actor George Kennedy to play Albert, Victor's long-lost father, in a three-episode arc, beginning Nov. 19. "He will be immediately involved in some extremely dramatic and life changing scenes for Victor," states the show's co-executive producer, Jack Smith. Kennedy took home the Oscar for best supporting actor in 1967 for his performance in Cool Hand Luke. He is also known for his roles in the Airport and Naked Gun film series.

Ty Reprises his Role on OLTL

He's back! As announced on Soap Talk, Ty Treadway is heading back to Llanview to reprise his role as Dr. Troy MacIver in a riveting and mysterious storyline. Treadway's back on the Llanview scene Dec. 8. In other OLTL news, Bo and Nora will cut the rug once again this November, this time to the tunes of Sam Moore. The famed soul singer is good friends with Bo's portrayer, Bob S. Woods, who suggested the show feature music from Moore's new CD "Plenty Good Lovin'," filled with tracks that were recorded three decades ago. "He made this album in the early '70s, and it didn't get released, so now we're getting around to it," shares Woods. "It's really good." Moore makes his daytime debut with a cameo appearance on the show as a Rodi's bartender. "Bob's been trying to get me on the show since last year," declares Moore. "And he finally came up with something." Look and listen for Moore on Nov. 17.

 Napiera to Depart As the World Turns 

As the World Turns's Napiera Danielle who completed her final scenes as Bonnie McKechnie this past week is leaving Brooklyn and returning to Los Angeles, where she'll pursue the next stages of her career. "I've got some film and TV projects on the line, and I'm looking forward to pursuing my music," she reveals exclusively to TV Guide Online. "New York has been great, but I'm excited about what's to come." Danielle is currently compiling a CD of her own songs. "It's a little hip hop, a little R&B; it's good music," she assures.

Danielle, whose contract is ending several months early, understands why the role is coming to a close. "I think Bonnie was in a deep hole, and they just couldn't seem to get her out of it," she shares. "We all came to a conclusion to end it here." Teasing that Bonnie will make an "unconditional exit," Danielle says she'll look back fondly on her two and a half years with ATWT. "It's such a talented cast, and the people are so giving. I'm grateful for the experience. I feel I grew a lot."

A last airdate has not been released.

Elliot back to GH

Jane Elliot has signed a three-year deal to return to GH as devious Tracy Quartermaine. She's back on air Nov. 14.

A New Girl on General Hospital

A storm is coming to Port Charles, and she'll most likely have a curfew. General Hospital has cast daytime newcomer Eileen Boylan as Sage, the daughter of the late Luis Alcazar. She'll move in with her uncle, Lorenzo, with a vow to avenge her father's death, and an eye on Georgie's boyfriend Dillon. The 16-year-old actress has appeared on The Bernie Mac Show and Baywatch.

Taylor Leaving As the World Turns

Although the news is unconfirmed by the show, Paul Taylor, who created the role of Issac Jenkins in 1999, has been released from As the World Turns, TV Guide Online has learned. His last tape day was Aug. 6. Taylor received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Ben's streetwise younger brother in 2001, but the character's screen time has diminished in the last few months. Taylor teamed up with attorney and filmmaker Ken Del Vecchio in 2002 to produce and star in the independent feature Tinseltown. Most recently, Taylor's been writing and creating music for several media-related projects.





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