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Tara's Take On Port Charles

On June 27th 2003, we the fans of the daytime drama Port Charles, which has graced our screens since June 1st 1997, received the shock of our lives. It had been in the air for months now- rumors had plaqued the little show. Now our worst nightmare had come true...Port Charles had been officially cancelled.

I was off babysitting my little sister when owrd broke of the cancellation.I had just come in to check my email. 17 new messages. "Wow" I said to myself as I clicked the box to bring me to my hotmail inbox, "Looks like some people have alot to say!" I didn't know how right I was.

17 messages all revolving around one thing: the cancellation of Port Charles! Needless to say, I was shocked! I knew the show had been in trouble and at risk of cancellation but never in a million years did I dream it would happen. To think, that after October 3rd 2003 I will not get to see this little show that brings so much joy to so many lives.

The first thing I did was went to the message boards. Utter turmoil! Fans were (and still are) totally devestated. No one believed it would happen. Many were in a state of denial. But finally it hit- it's over.

Well fans aren't about to just let it go! Hell no! Campaigning, which has been going on for months even before the cancellation, has started full force! Everyone who is a fan of the show is looking for a way to pitch in and save the show. Petitions are circulating, fans are writing letters, sending emails, calling in and complaining. People are threatening to boycotte ABC and Disney (I am one of them) But most of all, fans are asking the question, whos' fault is this?

This is my theory on the destruction of Port Charles.

Well PC was, in every way, ABC daytimes diamond in the rough. Airing at 2am in some places and not airing at all in other, Port Charles, the supernatural soap that started as a two hour prime time movie, still managed to pull in a couple milion viewers! Given no promotion whatsoever (well, compared to the other soaps) PC made itself stand out to bring in more viewers. Changing from a soap based around a hospital to a soap focusing on the paranormal, PC gained viewers, building on of the most dedicated fan bases out there. Many of these fans couldn't wait to see what would happen next. But now, we won't get that chance.

Frons, said to be one of the shows biggest supporters, IMO could've done more to save the show. I mean, why couldn't they move the show to a new time slot or maybe even give it the slightest bit of promotion. Frons says he loves PC as much as we do. While I believe that, I do think that he let us down. But then again he has bosses above him too.

They say the biggest factor of PC's demise was money. IMO, although they are running a business, that is fickle. To cancel a fabulos show due to cost in ridiculos. And I mean, look at it this way: ABC cancels because they aren't making as much money as they would like to make off it, therefore costing many people their jobs and their sorce of income!!So therefore, many are now unemployed. Cast members with contracts can't move on until those contracts expire. Writers, set designer, make up artists, ect. are out of work and the actors and actresses who make the show what it is are now out of work as well. Losing Port Charles meant great losses for many others.And this is all becuase ABC wanted more money-greed.

So now we bid farewell to Port Charles the little soap that would, should and could if it had been given a proper chance. The fans of the show will not go down without a fight and we will fight this until the last airdate...let's just hope ABC( or maybe a rival network) here's our cries and brings Port Charles back to life--becuase we all know that dead doesn't always mean dead in the small town of Port Charles!


So that was my Take this week.I would love to have some opinions about this cancellation!Feedback is always welcome.Send feedback or opinions to portcharlesfan4life@yahoo.com. Thanks:)