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One Life to Live Scoops and Spoilers

The News
Vincent Pastore will appear as Arthur "Rack Them Up!" Ross) on August
13.  The former Sopranos star (ex-Big Pussy) will play a pool shark.
Walter Bobbie will appear as William Davis Dawes, who will play a
power broker who will counsel Kevin on his political career August
26. This is a recurring role.  Bobbie is a Tony-winning Broadway
actor/director/author.  Bobbie played Denny and Wally Anderson on
Loving from 1990-91.  The role is recurring.  Jarrett Willis will
play Jordan Kingsley on July 31.  The African-American actor will
begin the recurring role whose "connection is still under wraps, but
he will be a doctor."  Timothy Adams debuts as Marcie's blue-collar
brother, Ron Walsh,  on August 4.  Melissa Brown will portray Madison
Kingston, the president of Delta Delta sorority and will debut on
August 7.  Ty Tread's last air date as Troy is August 1.

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