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Fate: Return to Destiny
By: Tara
Chapter 2

The next morning Amy went to find Eve and tell her the good news.She intended on leaving the part about selling her soul out though,knowing Eve would never accept if she knew the hight price.

She found Eve,sitting in her chair,stroking her brown hair with a golden brush as she watched Ian and Daniel sleep.

"Uh hi Eve."Amy called,walking up to her.Eve turned quickly to face her.Her eyes were red from crying but she flashed a fake smile.

"Oh hi Amy."she said,turning her attention back to Ian and Daniel,"What do you want?"she politely questioned.

"Well,I,uh,"Amy stuttered as she sat in her chair,"I have some big news."

"What is it now?"Eve asked with very little enthusiasm.

"Well uh Eve you get to go home!"Amy blurted out.Eve's widened in amazment and she turned to face Amy.

"You're joking right?"she asked,tears falling on her cheeks

"No Eve!You're really going home!"

Excited,Eve sprung up and embraced Amy.Amy smiled and squeezed her back.

"Thank you Amy!"Eve cried.

"Oh it was no problem but come on Eve we have to hurry!"Amy said,breaking the embrace.

"Hurry for what?"Eve exclaimed,overwhealmed with joy and excitment.

"Well you do want to go home don't you?"Amy teased,Come on!"she cried taking Eve's hand and rushing her down the hall.

They stood outside Ed's office.Amy reached for the door knob but Eve stopped her,"What are you doing?"

"Come on Eve,it's this way!"

"What are you talking about?We can't go in there!"Eve exclaimed,horrified that she would even suggest something so bizzarre

"Eve,"Amy impatiently said,"Do you want to go back to your family or not?"

"Of course I do but..."Eve started but Amy cut her off and flung the dooor openned the door.

"Come on then!"she cried,yanking Eve in by the arm.Quickly,she pulled Eve to the black door.

"No,no,no!!!"Eve exclaimed as Amy beckined for her to come closer,"No way!"

"Eve it's the only way."Amy tried to reason.Confidently Amy jerked the door open and they both felt a chill as James walked in.

"What's he doing here?"Eve asked as Amy rushed to lock the white door so Eve wouldn't flee when she learned the truth and so Paige,Casey and Ed couldn't enter.

"You haven't told her?"James spoke,grabbing hold of Amy's wrist

"Let go of her!"Eve cried,ready to go after him.James stepped backwards and Amy willingly followed,"Amy what are you doing?"

"Eve listen to me,"Amy cried from the gates of hell,"I felt so awful for the things I did to you in the past so I sold my soul so you could have a second chance.Please take it!"

"No Amy!I can't do that!I won't!"Eve shouted in amazment that Amy would even go to such meaures for her.

"Please Eve!Go,be happy,"Amy pleaded,"It's the only way to save *your soul!"

"What do you mean it's the only way to save *my soul?"Eve cried but her shouts were unheard.The room went black and began to spin out of controll.Amy and James disappeared into the blackness,"Amy come back!"Eve screamed but it was too late,she was already tumbling back to earth.

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