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Fate: Return to Destiny
By: Tara
Chapter 1

"I miss you Ian!"Eve told herself from her seat at the heavenly table.It had been almost two years since she had perished in the car accident leaving her husband,son and friends to grieve her and she still missed her family more each day.

Feeling lonely,she flipped a switch so she could watch what was happening down on earth.Ian and Daniel were both at her grave.The cold December snow was already scattered on the ground but the two didn't seem to mind.Ian had decorated the area with Christmasy decorations and now he and Daniel were talking to the headstone

The sight brought tears to Eve's eyes.How could she go on without them?She looked at her robe and at her surrondings.Although Heaven was all she'd ever anticipated,it hardly seemed great without Daniel and Ian at her side.More woeful then ever,she watched longingly.

"See!"Amy Haris,who was watching Eve from the corner,whispered to fellow angels Casey, Paige and Ed,"She's miserable!Can't we do something?"

"I wish I could but she has been choosen to fill the fifth chair.Her destiny was predecided."

Ed answered.

"Well...what about Rafe?"Amy asked.

"What about him?"Ed asked,raising an eyebrow.

"His destiny was predecided too but he got to go back to be with Alison!"Amy exclaimed,"Why can't Eve be with her family?"

All the other angels,except Ed,noted that Amy did indeed have a point.Ed just shook his head no.

"Ladies that is al true but remember that since Rafe returned so did Caleb-to balance the scale-If Eve returns,a new evil will have to be unleashed."

"But..."Amy stammered"

"No buts.Eve must stay!"Ed's response was final as he,accompanied by Casey and Paige,left.

'Amy stood in her place and watched Eve cry while she watched Daniel and Ian,"I need to do something for her."she told herself as she turned away.Suddenly,she had an idea.Quickly she ran down the hall and to a white door.She openned it and it led into Ed's office.Once inside,she knocked on a black door,"James!"she yelled,"James open up!"

The door flew open and a cool chill ran up and down Amy's spine as James stepped out,"What do you want?"he demanded.

"I'm here to make a deal with you."Amy confidently said.

"What kind of deal?"a suspecious James asked.

"I want to sell you my soul."she answered.

"What's the catch?"

"Well,in return,I want Eve Lambert to be able to return to earth to be with her family."

James pondered her proposition for a moment and then spoke,"Ok but you have a deal but one more thing."


"Unless Eve can make Ian love her again,I get her soul too!"

Feeling confident,Amy agreed to the terms thinking that since Ian loved Eve already it would be no challenge.

What she didn't know was James had a plan.

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