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Brian GaskillBrian Gaskill joined the cast of Port Charles as Rafe Kovich, cousin to Lucy Coe Collins who died all-to-young before having the chance to experience many of life's pleasures. But, he now lives on in eternity as an angel whose heart has been stolen by Alison Barrington, with whom he is deeply in love with in an affair of heavenly complications.

Soon after earning a Bachelor's Degree in theater from The Acting Conservatory at The State University of New York at Purchase, Gaskill moved to Los Angeles where he landed his first major television role in Aaron Spelling's Model's Inc. In 1995, Mr. Gaskill returned to the East Coast to star on the ABC Daytime drama All My Children. He received much recognition for playing Bobby Warner for his portrayal of a bad boy turned single father who courageously gives his child up adoption.

In 1995, Gaskill returned to New York where he co-founded The Rorschach Group, a theatre company which he formed with fellow actors from college. Under his guise, the company produced such successful productions as XXX Love Act, I Am Yours, ,i>Mouthbook, and King Kordagon.

Since returning to Los Angeles in 1997, Gaskill guest starred on several primetime shows including Clueless, The Pretender, and Undressed. Ironically, Gaskill recently appeared in the short film Higher Grounds, in which he also played angel.

Gaskill was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in New Jersey. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.