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Dilemma-Chris & Karen-Chari's View
The first time I laid eyes on her I knew she was the one.The only problem is I don't even know who she is the only thing I basically know is her name-Karen Wexler.Oh-man she's a beauty,long chestnut brown hair,brown eyes and she's also a doctor like me!I really need her to notice me but how?Right now she has a boyfriend Frank-also a doctor.I want to try and accomplish this before Valentine's and I will because I am one very determined man!
~Chris Ramsey
I got the nerve to strkie up a converstation with Karen.It was short but at least she knows i'm avaiable and saying that did'nt cost me much-except of course the glass of water she threw on me.Well love works in strange ways I guess.I look at all these couples and wonder...why can't I have that and then I relize because everyone thinks i'm the evil doctor ramsey who locks people in cages and experiments with dangerous drugs-but Hey I would change all of that just to add love in my deary world of pain.I need a plan any plan to get Karen.I don't think I can go on with no love to speak of so!
~Chris Ramsey
I got it today I went to talk to my brother Jack he obviously knows about love considering how almost all the girls of Port Charles talk about him.So anyway he told me to sernade her with roses and music that's not exactly my style now is it?He said he could get Karen to me by hosting a big Valentine's  Day party and you know what I took him up on his offer.So on the 12th of Febuary will be my Valentine's party but I won't be hosting it-Alison Barrington,Eve Thornhart and Marissa Leong will be.They will get Karen here.This is going to be my break though performance for everyone but especially for Karen!
~Chris Ramsey
Today I figured that I should formally introduce myself to Karen.I'll be her first friend,Wait-maybe her tenth but oh well you get my point.I know a little more about her.She came from Pine Valley two weeks ago and she's one of the best doctor's around.Not too much to work on but it's a start.I got that much out of her when she and I were in the breakroom.She's so fantastic everything about her seem's perfect she's happy,carefree and full of love.I can't wait until the time when she and I can be together.
~Chris Ramsey
The party is tonight.I'm so happy I just can't wait for the moment when she and I get together.She's coming too for sure I asked her today.Even though she's upset because Frank has to work backshift at the hospital.That's Great!I think i'll be able to cheer her up at the party.Well I must go get ready for my hot date,not actully a date but you get my point.
~Chris Ramsey
My party was the absoulute best thing in the world.Karen and I danced up a storm.I think she's falling for me or already has.My mission is almost complete Frank's still in the picture.That's the one thing blocking me from complete happiness.Karen looked awsome at my party with her short black dress.Then again when does'nt she look good?
~Chris Ramsey
Me and Karen are offically dating.Frank dumped her after he found out about us at the party and she went without him.I guess he's the jealous type,not a good quality.Karen and I are going on our date tonight just in time for Valentine's.As I said before we would be together before Valentine's!Now all I need is her to marry me but wait I can't think  that far ahead!

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