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Fate: Return of Destiny
By: Tara
Chapter 12 (The Last Chapter)

Ian paced the hospital roof,every few seconds stopping to glance at his watch.

"You know Thornhart,it won't change every few seconds,"a voice said from behind him.Ian spun around and a surprising sight met his eyes.

"Caleb Morley!"he proclaimed in utter disbelief

"Did you miss me?"he asked,moving in closer,"How have things been?How's your wife?"

"What have you done to her?"Ian demanded.

"Oh Eve is safe with me.And she will stay there once you're out of the picture that is."

"Don't lay a hand on her Caleb or I'll....."

"Or you'll what?"Caleb asked,laughing a little,"You'll kill me?Oh I forgot-it's been done before.Don't you remember?"

Not able to contain his rage any longer,Ian ran at Caleb in an attempt to tackle him but was shocked when Caleb disappeared and reappeared seconds later leaving Ian to fall to the ground.

"My My that went well."Caleb mocked as Ian got back up.They heard a noise and saw Reece and Caz climbing the ladder to the rooftop,"Take him out!"he yelled at them.

Reece and Caz smiled,bearing their fangs and red eyes as they ran at Ian.The three began to do battle.Things looked as though they had come to an end some after beginning.The two vampires had Ian on the ground at the edge of the roof,in a perfect spot for one to shove him over and onto the ground below.

"Ok!"Stephen yelled,walking over to them,"Let me finish him!"

Caz and Reece backed off.Stephen,red eyed and fanged,stepped closer to Ian's badly injured body and was prepared to shove him off the roof when he heard a noise.The sound of footsteps on the roof.He turned to see Eve on the roof,fury blazing in her eyes.

"Eve!"Ian cried from his spot on the ground.Eve glanced at Ian then at Stephen.

"Skye,what are you doing here..."Stephen stuttered.

"Don't call me that."she coldly told him,"I remember everything Caleb!"

"Let me explain!"Caleb frantically said,"I can explain...why aren't you letting me explain."

Eve walked over to his side with her hands behind her back,"No you can't."she told him.

"But..."Caleb started to say but Eve cut him off as she raised the stake,really just a piece of broken wood,high and then drove it though his heart.Caleb gasped as he was reduced to a pile of dust.To Eve's surprise,Caz and Reece also disentigrated to nothing.Relieved,she rushed to Ian's side to tend to his wounds.

After making sure he wasn't badly hurt,they sat on the roof gazing off to the stars,"I can't believe you're really here."Ian said for what seemed like the hundreth time.

"Well get use to it!"Eve joked.

"But how..."Ian asked.

"Well it was really a gift from an angel but maybe it was just what destiny had in store."she answered,resting her head on his shoulder.

"Can we just call it Fate?"he asked.

Eve looked up at him with love in her eyes,"Fate.I like it.We'll call it Fate."

"Fate."Ian repeated again as he leaned in to kiss her in what seemed like one of the most magical moments ever.

Meanwhile,Amy was pleased to learn that she was able to go back to heaven and together with Casey,Paige and Ed they celebrated Eve's victory in completing her mission,"It truely was Fate!"she silently said to herself as she watched Ian and Eve on the roof top,"Definitly meant to be."

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