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Fate: Return of Destiny
By: Tara
Chapter 11

Eleven thirty rolled around and Stephen was rushing around the apartment,apparently looking for something when Eve walked in,"Skye,what's wrong?"he asked,noting the worried expression on her face.

Eve walked over to the couch and sat down crosslegged,"I had a weird dream."

Stephen's mind raced a mile a minute as he ran through different hypothedical situations in his mind,"What was it about?"he finally asked,sitting beside her on the couch and putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Well first I was in the nursery holding a baby.Then someone else came in the door..."Eve stopped abruptly.

"Who was it?"Stephen asked,prompting her to continue.

Eve lanced up at him with a look of confussion in her brown eyes,"I'm not sure.That's where it ended.But boy was it weird.He called me Eve.I mean how crazy is that?"

"Bizzare.Totally bizzare."

"I mean,wasn't that what you called me the other day?Seems kinda strange that I would dream of some mystery man calling me the same thing."

"Well,you know what,It was just a dream."Stephen said giving her a reassuring smile,"Now you go back to sleep.I have to go out for a while."

"Where are you going?'Eve asked,getting up off the couch and following him to the door.

" practice."he lied,"I'll be back soon."

"Ok,"Eve said with a smile,"I'll see you later then."

Stephen smiled back and then left.Eve closed the door and went back over to the couch,all the while thinking about the dream.Moments later a woman came to the door.

"Where's Stephen?"the accented woman demanded as she barged into the room along with a heavy set African American.

"Who are you?"Eve asked as they looked in the rooms for Stephen.

"Who do you think?"the woman snapped,"we're the band members."

"Do you have names?"Eve sarcastically quipped back..

"I'm Caz and it's Reece..I mean...She's Reece."the man answered,"And who are you gorgeous?"he asked,checking her out.Eve felt awkward in that moment in only his oversized dress shirt..

"I'm, uh, Skye."she answered,going back to the couch and wrapping a blanket around her waist.

"Oh-what's wrong baby..."Caz started to say but Reece cut him off..

"Where the hell is Stephen?"she demanded.

"I thought he was with you guys."Eve replied,"Didn't you have a band practice?"

Reece and Caz looked at eachother,"Nope,"Reece finally said,"He told us to meet him here at 11:30pm because something important was gonna go down."

"And naturally Reece took her sweet old time getting ready."Caz said rolling his eyes.

"Well where is he then?"Eve asked.

"The roof!"Caz exclaimed.

"The roof?"Eve repeated in confussion..

"Come on Reece we gotta go!"Caz yelled as Reece came running to his side.The two of them ran out of the room and down the hall.Eve looked around and then,making sure the blanket was still around her waist,she put on her shoes and ran after them.

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