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Fate: Return of Destiny
By: Tara 
Chapter 10

Eve woak up feeling cold and hungry.She had slept on the bench the previous night after being forced out by Elizabeth and it was far too cold to be running around clad only in a dress shirt,"Oh do I ever wish I had put my jeans on before going to find Stephen."she whined to herself.Oh well,it was too late for wishes now.

Carefully she sat up and streached,trying to think of what she could do.She still had no memory and now she had no place to stay and no clothes to wear,no food to eat.Her legs and feet were cold and different shades of red and purple.The wind had been strong and the gusts had left their marks on her body.

Suddenly she heard footsteps.She turned quickly to see who it was.

"Stephen!"she cried when she met his gaze.He quickly rushed over to her and embraced her tight.Immediatly,a sense of warmth seized Eve's body.

"I'm so sorry about Elizabeth!Are you ok?"he asked,holding her close,so close in fact she could hear his heart beating rhytemetically in his chest.

"I-I-I want to go home!"she said through shivers.Stephen picked her up in his strong arms and carried her out of the park.But on the way out he droppedsomething.An envelope.

Moments later,as if on cue,Ina ran through the park calling Eve's name.He looked around the area Chris had described.No sign of Eve.Not even her footprints.Feeling foolish for believing Chris and his crazy story,he sat on the bench.But something caught his eye.An envelope in the snow.Curious he picked it up and tore it openned.He carefully pulled the paper out and read it:


If you love her,you'll meet me on the hospital roof at midnight.

Not knowing what to make of the note and even more confussed about where it came from and who had left it there,he stuffed it in his jacket pocket and took off down the dirt path.

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