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Fate: Return to Destiny
By: Tara
Chapter 9

"Ian!"Chris called from the elevator as he saw Ian approching the desk.

"What is it now,Ramsey?"a slightly annoyed Ian asked.

"I discover something huge!"Chris exclaimed.

"Was it your ego?"Ian sarcastically asked,"because if so,you're right,that is pretty huge!"

"Very funny Thornhart,"Chris sarcastically shot back,"But I'm serious!"

"So was I,"Ian replied,"But anyway continue then if you must."

"I saw her last night."

"Saw who?"Ian asked,"You know Ramsey you need to be more specific.There are a lot of 'hers' in Port Charles."

"Eve!I saw Eve!"Chris cried

Suddenly Ian went from slightly annoyed yet humored to very annoyed and angry,"You have a very sick sense of humor Ramsey."he shot back and turned to leave.

"No Ian I swear I'm serious!"Chris replied,rushing to catch up with him as he stormed down the hall.

"I don't know what kind of game you are tryingto play Chris Ramsey but I am not at all humored,"Ian said,stopping and turning to face him,

"Ian,I miss Eve as much as you do.She may have been your wife but she was my best friend.Why would I make up something like this?"Chris asked.

Ian wanted to argue with Chris but he had to admitt that he did have a point.

"I seriously saw her,Ian."Chris repeated again.


"In the park last night.Something was...well...different about her."

"What do you mean Ramsey?"

"I mean she was in the park,in the winter,in only a black dress shirt.How crazy is that?"he aske d with a laugh.

"That is a little bit odd now isn't it,"Ian agreed,"Are you sure you weren't imagining things?"

"No I was not drunk!"Chris exclaimed.

"I never said anything about you drinking,"Ian replied,"What makes you think I would suspect you were drunk?"

Chris felt a slight tinge of embarressment come over him,"Well I-I-I uh never mind!I wasn't seeing things!She was there!"

"Whatever you say Ramsey."Ian said as he walked away.Chris left too and went to find someone else to spred the news to but when Chris was out of sight,Ian changed directions and headed for the elevator.

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