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Fate:Return to Destiny
By: Tara
Chapter 8

Eve stumbled through the woods and into a clearing.She breathed a huge sigh of relief as she

saw a bench.She glanced around to see if anyone else was around the area and then when she saw no one was near,she sat down.

She tilted her head back,still exhausted from running,"What the hell was that?"she asked herself,in her mind,revisiting the scene back at the house,"I must be seeing things."she concluded,straighting the wrinkles in his black dress shirt and shivering as a cool wind crossed the area.

As she sat and thought about what she'd seen,she heard a rattle in the bushes and fearing it was Elizabeth or just as worse,Stephen,she glanced around to see what it was.She saw the sillohette of a male.Fear froze her in place and she urged her feet to move but they stayed frozen in place.Finally,when the shadow was close,she managered to move her legs and she ran to hide in the bushes.

"Hey!Wait!"the man called after her.Chris Ramsey,a dotor at General Hospital had just ran into the clearing in time to catch a faint glimpes of her.

"Chris wait up!"DoreeSullivan yelled after him.She finally caught up with him,her feet aching from her high heels,"I'm not dressed for running!Uh-Chris,what's wrong?"Doree asked as she noticed Chris' failure to respond.He just peered into the bushes.

"Hey Chris!"Doree exclaimed,shaking him to try and get his attention.Chris finally turned to face her,"What's wrong,Chris?"

"This is going to sound really crazy,"he started,expecting a wise crack from Doree.To his amazement she was quiet,"but I could've swore I just saw Eve in this clearing!"

Doree put a sympathedic hand on Chris' shoulder,"I know how much you miss her Chris.Your mind is just playing tricks on you..."

"No Doree,I'm serious!"he exclaimed,approching the bench and pointing to the exact spot she had been,"She was sitting right there and wearing a black dress shirt!"

"Chris,how many martini's have you had?"she asked.

"What?"Chris yelled,"Doree I'm not drunk!"

"All I'm saying is why would an incredably smart woman like Eve be sitting out,in the winter at that,in only a dress shirt?"Doree asked,pointing out how unligical it was.

Chris glanced into the bushes and then back at Doree and smiled,"You're probably right,"he finally said,reaching for her hand,"My mind must be playing tricks on me.But let's get out of here ok?I'm freezing!"

"Where do you want to go?"Doree asked with a mischevious smile.

"Well,"Chris answered,smiling back at her,"how bout we go back to my place and sit by the fire on my bear skin rug?"

"What do you want to do on that bearskin rug?"she asked.

Chris leaned in and kissed her cheek,"I can think of a few things can't you,Officier?"

Doree giggled and she and Chris rushed out of the park.Once they had left,Eve came back out of the clearing and sat on the bench,trying to decide what to do next.

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