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Fate: Return to Destiny
By: Tara
Chapter 6

"Stephen?Stephen?"Elizabeth Barrington yelled at the door of his apartment.The clock had just ticked past three in the morning and any other person would still be asleep.But Elizabeth wasn't any other person,"Open up Stephen I need you!"she cried,her skin crawling with the desire for blood.Her lips stood out amoungst her pale skin,the blood red colours seeping into her whitness..Her white fangs glisened against her lips as she ran her tounge across them.She could feel herself wilting away and yet Stephen refused to answer her calls.

Finally the door openned and a tired Stephen stood in the doorway,"What do you want now,Elizabeth?"he demanded.

"I need you Stephen.The urges.I can't stop them.What's wrong with me?"she asked,seeming more paranoid then ever.

"Come down Liz!"Stephen said,gripping her bare white shoulders and giving her a reassuring smile as he lowered his face to make eye contact with her,"Just keep drinking the water like a good little girl and you'll be fine."

"It's not that!"she protested,"I need you Stephen!I need you now!"

Elizabeth pulled Stephen into a passionate kiss,"I need you Stephen!Make love to me."she hissed in his ear as she allowed him to plant kisses on her neck.Elizabeth mouned as he kissed the nape of her neck and then further down the plunging neckline of her black halter dress.Finally he picked her up and closed the door with his foot.

As they continued their heated affair,he layed her down on the couch and continued to kiss her.Moments later,they'd undressed and were lying in the afterglow of love making.

After feeding from Elizabeth,Stephen drifted off into sleep.Elizabeth fed off him too but she still couldn't sleep.So she lye awake,licking her lips to enjoy every moment of her long awaited feeding.

Meanwhile,Eve was sleeping not so soundly in the other room.She tossed and turned and finally sprung up out of bed,gasping for air,"Stephen!"she called.

Stephen still lye sound asleep with Elizabeth not anle to her Eve's cries.Feeling more then a little scared,Eve got out of bed and searched for something to wear in the hall,knowing that it wasn't proper for a lady to leave the bedroom clad only in her undergarments.

She openned the closet,hoping to find a robe of some sort but when she found there wasn't one in there,she took one of his black dress shirts that was way to long for her and put it on.

It wasn't that great but it was better then undergarments,she decided,looking in the mirror before going to find Stephen.

The hardwood floor was cold on her bare feet and she now knew why Stephen always wore shoes in his house,"Stephen?Stephen are you in here?"she asked,stepping into the living room.

She glanced at the floor.Clothes were scattered everywhere,some mens and some obviously womens clothes.And everything came into place when Elizabeth poked her head up from the other side of the couch and hissed,"Who the hell are you?"

"Oh my god I'm so sorry to interupt!"Eve exclaimed.

"I said who the hell are you!"Elizabeth hissed again,pressing the purple satin blanket to her chest.

"I'm Skye."

"And why exactly are you here?"

"Stephen asked me to stay."Eve stammered to an obviously angry Liz.

"I want you out of here!"Elizabeth firmly said,glaring at Eve with her eyes abalze.A million thoughts raced through her mind but she banished them all and she banished Eve.

"But...."Eve started to protest but Elizabeth cut her off.

"NOW!"she exclaimed,hissing and showing her white fangs.Terror seized Eve's body as she saw Liz's blood covered fangs.She looked at Stephen who was still asleep and then she looked at the bite marks on his neck.She made eye contact with Liz and Liz stared her down with animal hunger gleaming in her blue/green eyes.Tears overcame Eve and she turned and ran out of the building,heedless to her skimpy attire.



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