Chapter 5
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Fate: Return of Destiny


Chapter 5

"That's it Eve!"Amy cried from her spot next to James,"Just read it Eve!"

'Not if I have anything to say about it'James thought to himself.With a twitch of his eye and a raised eyebrow,he caused the screen to go blank.

"What are you doing Skye?"Stephen asked as he stood in the doorway with her water.Eve spun around,not even noticing the screen went blank.

"Stephen-I-uh-I-I"Eve stammered,feeling fear seep into her bones.Stephen looked at the screen and saw it was blank.Thinking Eve had left it alone and he had overeacted,he rushed to cover up his mistake.Putting the water glass on the table he rushed over and embraced her.

"What's wrong Stephen.I'm sorry I was just-"

"You were curious I know"he said squeezing her tight,"Don't scare me like that again please!"

"W-What do you mean?"Eve stammered,still in Stephen's arms and very confussed.

"I've been getting messages on that computer.Threats really.I just don't want you to get involed or be scared.I have it under controll.Trust me it's for the best Eve..."

Stephen realized his mistake the moment he said it.He had called her Eve in his haste to make up a cover.

"Um,Stephen are you feeling ok?My name is Skye,remember?"she said with a little laugh,"You'd think you were the one who lost their memory here!Where'd you get the name Eve anyway?"Eve took her water off the table and wandered back to the couch,all the while muttering about Stephen's mistake.

Relief filled Stephen as he realized that his slip of the tounge hadn't triggered anyhting.But something would have to one day.The question was what.

'Thornhart!'he thought to himself.He must never mention Ian Thornhart around her.That would definitly jump start her memory.And if Eve remembered,the plan would be ruined.

"Stephen?Stephen?"Eve was now standing in front of him,"Hey come on back to the home planet.Where'd you go?You kind zoned out there."

"Oh-I...I...uh,have alot on my mind.I'm so sorry.Now where were we Skye?"he asked,now out of his trance.

"Well I was going to bed but I'm not sure where!"she answered,moving back to the couch.

"You can have the room down the hall.It's my room but I'll sleep on the couch."

"No Stephen.I can't ask you to do that for me.You've done so much already..."

"Skye,I insist."Stephen interupted,"What kind of man would I be if I made you sleep on the couch?"

"A man who likes his beauty rest I guess."Eve replied,laughing at her own not so funny joke.Stephen couldn't resist laughing as well.

"You're a funny one Skye,"he said,"Now I'm serious though.You can have my room."

Finally Eve agreed to the terms and set off to bed leaving Steohen to think.

He paced around for a moment and then picked up a blue bottle and drank out of it.Then he sat back in front of the computer.

"What the hell is this?"he asked as a small noticeflashed on the screen.He read it and nodded,agreeing with the words and then going onto more important matters.

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