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The Price of a Miracle
By: Tara
Serena Baldwin was only seven when she heard her parents,Scott and Lucy talking.Lucy was crying as she and Scott discussed and as Scott tryed to calm Lucy down.They were talking about Christina,Julie and Franks daughter.Christina was ill and needed treatment but mental case Julie refused to get help.The treatment would be very costly and neither Lucy or Scott could afford it.
  "We need a miracle!"Lucy cried as Scott embraced her tight.Hearing her mothers despair,Serena ran up to her room.Once in there,she took her piggy bank off the counter.She carefully counted the change and it totalled to one dollar and sixteen cents.She recounted the change one last time and put it back in the bank.Then she tossed the bank in her school bag and went downstairs.
   "Hey mom?"she chimmed in from the bottom of the stairs,interupting Lucy and Scott's convertsation.
    "What is it sweetie?"Lucy asked,trying to mask her despair.Serena was only seven and in Lucy's mind too young to understand.
     "Can I go outside and play with Casey?"she asked,referring to one of her school friends.
"Oh of corse you can hunny just be back on time for supper ok?"
    Serena nodded her agreement and grabbed her jacket.Quickly she rushed out the door.
    Rather then go to Casey,Serena took a left on Hoyt Street and went into the Port Charles Pharmacy.Retrieving her piggy bank,she entered the store.
    She rushed to the counter and hit the service bell.The woman kept talking to the man next to her,completely ignoring Serena.Thinking quickly,she hit the counter with her fist,"Hello?"she called across the counter.The woman and the man both turned to look at her.
     "What do you want?"the woman asked,noting that Serena was nothing but a mere child.
     "I would like to buy something."
     Reluctantly the woman moved forward,"Make it fast.My friend is only going to be here a couple of days."she said,annoyed that a small girl was wasting her time.
       "Oh this won't take long,"Serena said,dumping the change on the counter,"I would like to buy a miracle.I have one dollar and sixteen cents but I can get more money.My sister Christina's sick and my mom and dad are really sad because Julie won't send her for treatment.I want a miracle to help her and bring her back to mom so she can get better."
      The woman and man both exchanged looks and then the man came around and kneeled  next to her,"What's your name?"he asked.
      "And where are your parents Serena?"
      "And what is wrong with your sister?"he asked.
      "She can't hear and she's got a fever.I have one dollar and sixteen cents to buy a miracle.I can get more if you need it."
     The man put his hands on her shoulders,"Well do you know what Serena?I think I might just have the miracle you're looking for.Can you take me to your parents?"
     Serena nodded yes and led the man to the door.He winked at the woman and left.
     He was reveiled to be Kevin Collins,a new doctor in town who arrived to attend a conference.His friend,the drugstore lady,did alot of traveling and ended up in Port Charles as a pharmacist.
      Kevin discussed things with Scott and Lucy and they were both overjoyed when he admitted he could help.Within weeks Lucy and Scott received word that Christina had regained her hearing and was doing good.Kevin came back to visit and told them he would pay the medical bills!As Scott amd Lucy pulled out a bottle of wine and invited Kevin to join in on the celebration,Kevin pulled Sernea over to the side.
     "Oh-I have your money.Thanks for the miracle!It was really great."Serena said handing him the change but Kevin refused to take it.
      "You keep it,"he said,"I don't want your money.This miracle was all about you!"
      "What do you mean?"
      "You had so much love for your sister and that's what made you seek help.You have great faith Serena and that is truely amazing because without your faith and belief that miracles do indeed happen,Christina would be in alot of trouble now."
        Kevin eembraced Serena and soon Scott and Lucy joined in after they learned how Serena had preformed a miracle.Serena was center of it all,beaming with pride because afterall,she had worked a real miracle.
                                                                                                        The End.

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