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I am sorry, but these bios are not very up-to-date. I will try to get some better ones up soon. Also when you click the name to read the bio you will be taken to another site. To get back here, click on the Back button on your screen.


Julia Barr
Jennifer Bassey
Jonathan Bennett
Rebecca Budig
John Callahan
David Canary
Mark Consuelos
Marj Dusay
Amelia Heinle
Elizabeth Hendrikson
Eileen Herlie
Finola Hughes
Vincent Irizarry
Terri Ivens
Michael E. Knight
Eva La Rue
Jill Larson
Susan Lucci
Ray MacDonnell
Cameron Mathison
Alicia Minshew
James Mitchell
Jason Olive
Sam Page
J. Eddie Peck
Mark Pinter
Eden Riegel
Kelly Ripa
Jack Scalia
Aiden Turner
Marcy Walker
Ruth Warrick
Walt Willey



Brooke English
Marian Colby Chandler
JR Chandler
Greenlee Smythe
Edmund Grey
Adam or Stuart Chandler
Mateo Santos
Vanessa Cortlandt
Myrtle Fargate
Anna Devane
Dr. David Hayward
Tad Martin
Maria Grey Santos
Erica Kane
Dr. Joe Martin
Ryan Lavery
Kendall Hart
Palmer Cortlandt
Frank Hubbard
Trey Kenyon
Dr. Jake Martin
Roger Smythe
Bianca Montgomery
Hayley Santos
Chris Stamp
Aidan Devane
Liza Colby Chandler
Phoebe Tyler Wallingford
Jackson Montgomery

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