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New 'Charles' arc starts with a Fang


"Port Charles" kicks off its 10th arc, "Surrender," on Monday with
aone-hour episode airing at 2 p.m. in "One Life to Live's" regular
time slot on ABC.

The action revolves around Rafe and Alison's wedding, the windup of
the Tess/Livvie saga and some shocking scenes between Elizabeth and

"It's got all the good stuff of classic theater," says Thorsten
Kaye, who plays Ian. "Deception, violence, romance. Alison is
getting married to Rafe, but there is a bit of a surprise there.
It's not good. They learn a little stupid thing before the wedding -
it's an accident - but it's not something they'll be able to walk
away from."

"Surrender" will showcase Rafe and Alison's efforts to prove or
disprove whether the "little stupid thing" can actually keep them
apart forever.

As for good doctor Ian Thornhart, his story is about to take a
shocking turn.

"He gets bit by Elizabeth, filthy whore that she is," says the

The show has officially gone gothic.

Caleb is a sexy but very dangerous vampire, and his most recent
victim was Alison's mother, Elizabeth. So when Ian goes to
innocently comfort Elizabeth after the wedding debacle on Monday,
she will sink her teeth into him - literally.

"Typical Thornhart move," says Kaye. "When there's someone in
distress he's right there. And then he gets bit."

Ian's struggle to fight the forces of evil now inside him will also
be a focal part of the next arc.

"He slowly turns into one of those guys," Kaye says. "The urges are
there, but how much will he give in to them? He's a doctor who has
to be around blood all day. He won't want to bite anybody or kill

But will he?

"That word 'surrender' means a lot of things to a lot of people,"
says the actor. "To Ian, it might mean he surrenders to the dark
side. If he's caught up in something that he can't fight, isn't
being a hero about saving somebody else? If he's a threat to society
he might just pull the plug . And don't forget, the woman he is in
love with [Lucy] is a slayer. That's a tough thing for those two to
work out."

Especially if Lucy doesn't even know that her lover has taken a turn
for the worse.

"No one knows - just the audience," says Kaye. "I don't watch much
TV - if there's not a puck or a ball in it, I'm not interested - but
this story is really cool. People who haven't seen 'Port Charles'
before might get hooked on this thing."

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