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November 27,2002
This came from Port Charles Library
[Port Charles--Naked Eyes- Alison: Well I'm very happy to report
that this year I have a lot of things to be grateful for. First of
all I'd like to thank you for bringing Rafe back to me, you have no
idea what it means for me to have him and I promise you won't be
sorry you sent him back. And I just wanted to tell you thank you for
bringing my mother back into my life--I'm just trying to get to know
her again but I'm going to make up for all the lost time. And I
wanted to say a small little prayer for my father and this child
that no one knows. It would really be great if we could meet each
other. So for all of those things and more just wanted you to know
how thankful I am.]
[PC-Naked Eyes- Rafe: Hi--it's me. I'm really grateful for a lot of
things. First of all I'm thankful that Alison is healthy and because
you know it's been really scary around here lately. And while we're
on that subject if you want to ease off those close calls by all
means go ahead.
Alison: Rafe
Rafe: I'm just being honest. Okay well-well I'm really grateful that
Alison and I have each other and that she sees how stubborn and how
obsessive I can be but she loves me anyways. And I'm--I'm really
grateful to you for letting me live a life with someone that is
truly amazing and completely loving. And I hope that I can make you
proud--I--I hope I can make Alison proud. (Rafe turns to Alison) I
am really truly grateful that I get to know what true love really
is. (Rafe/Ali kiss in the chapel)]
[PC--Naked Eyes--
Alison: I have a tiny favor to ask--I know Rafe has a calling and he
has to destroy evil where he finds it and I know that he believes
that evil is coming close. So please give him the strength that
he'll need
Rafe: To find the truth, whatever it may be and wherever it takes
me. I know she hates what I do but please help her to understand
Alison: And give me the patience to always stand by him in his
search. Please always keep him safe.
Rafe: Because this is the only way I know how to keep her safe and
if I should fail
Alison: Do not let him fail--watch out for him. Please protect my
Rafe: And protect my angel.]
White Light Surrounded them