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10/03-News Updated

 Napiera to Depart As the World Turns 

As the World Turns's Napiera Danielle who completed her final scenes as Bonnie McKechnie this past week is leaving Brooklyn and returning to Los Angeles, where she'll pursue the next stages of her career. "I've got some film and TV projects on the line, and I'm looking forward to pursuing my music," she reveals exclusively to TV Guide Online. "New York has been great, but I'm excited about what's to come." Danielle is currently compiling a CD of her own songs. "It's a little hip hop, a little R&B; it's good music," she assures. 

Danielle, whose contract is ending several months early, understands why the role is coming to a close. "I think Bonnie was in a deep hole, and they just couldn't seem to get her out of it," she shares. "We all came to a conclusion to end it here." Teasing that Bonnie will make an "unconditional exit," Danielle says she'll look back fondly on her two and a half years with ATWT. "It's such a talented cast, and the people are so giving. I'm grateful for the experience. I feel I grew a lot." 

A last airdate has not been released.

Marston back to Llainview

Talk about a divine reprise. Nathaniel Marston (Al), whose contract with One Life to Live was unexpectedly terminated this summer, is getting a second life in Llanview. The show has reinstated the actor to its roster, an OLTL spokesperson confirms. Marston will reprise his role as Al Buchanan, even though his character recently expired on air. "Al has died in body, [but] his spirit is very much alive," states headwriters Josh Griffith and Michael Malone. "He will soon learn that he has a very important mission ahead of him and that heaven can wait." 

Viewers relentlessly campaigned to keep Marston the on show when news of his release first hit the press. "The fans have spoken, and I hear them," says ABC Daytime President Brian Frons. "We have been able to turn the story around and keep Nathaniel in a very emotionally compelling love story with Marcie." 

An airdate for Al's return has yet to be released.

Elliot back to GH

Jane Elliot has signed a three-year deal to return to GH as devious Tracy Quartermaine. She's back on air Nov. 14. 

A New Girl on General Hospital

A storm is coming to Port Charles, and she'll most likely have a curfew. General Hospital has cast daytime newcomer Eileen Boylan as Sage, the daughter of the late Luis Alcazar. She'll move in with her uncle, Lorenzo, with a vow to avenge her father's death, and an eye on Georgie's boyfriend Dillon. The 16-year-old actress has appeared on The Bernie Mac Show and Baywatch.

Helena to Return

A rep for General Hospital has reportedly confiirmed thaqt Constance Towers is coming back to General Hospital for a brief stint in October as Helena Cassidine. Her many fans are hoping that it might lead to a much bigger stint in the near future.

David Fumero to Leave OLTL

One Life to Live's Cristian will make a dramatic exit from Llanview in late October, and his portrayer David Fumero is finally shedding some light on his decision to leave the show. "I've been there five years, and I think that's enough," the actor shares with TV Guide Online. "I've had a great time on One Life; it was my first job. Technically it's intense, and creatively, I've worked with some great actors." Fumero's alter ego is not slated for a recast, though Fumero says, "It would be kind of cool to see the next Cristian, and the way someone else would play it." 

With a move to the West Coast on the horizon, Fumero is ready to tackle other realms of the industry, including the big screen. "I'd love to jump into film right away, though [prime-time] TV sounds more realistic." Fumero won't miss New York City's chilly side. "I'm so ready to get out of the cold," he admits. As for reuniting with a certain former co-star when he relocates, Fumero answers coyly, "I've got a lot of friends in Los Angeles, and I'll be reunited with a lot of them."

Though Fumero plans to leave the daytime arena behind for a while, he'll never forget the fans that helped make him a star. "Since the very beginning they have been there, and I think that's been a great help," he says. "When I started I was very afraid, and it was hard to get adjusted, but everyone was supportive and I thank them a lot for that." 

Rucker to Exit ATWT?? 

Is Lamman Rucker, who has played stubborn District Attorney T. Marshall Travers on As the World Turns since May 2002, giving his last brief? Sources are a buzz that the actor will exit the show this fall. Rucker's storyline turned controversial earlier this year when his alter ego engaged in an unconsenting sexual encounter with fellow attorney Jessica Griffin. The court delcared a mistrial, much to the dismay of several Oakdale residents. An ATWT rep could not confirm the rumor. 

DePaiva Speaks Out 

James DePaiva's (Max) announcement of his imminent departure from One Life to Live quelled the rumors that had persisted for weeks, but also brought closure to a year-long odyssey for the actor. "They kind of let me know of [my termination] a year ago," DePaiva admits. "When they killed the Roxy/Max pairing... I went to then-executive producer Gary Tomlin to ask what was going on." DePaiva drew up an exit plan after that meeting. "I've been getting prepared over the past year, signing with an agent again, working on the voice, and getting prepared to go back into the theater world." 

DePaiva's release has been attributed to several factors, including age and salary issues. The actor attests that Max's lack of familial connections helped seal his demise. "It's very rare for a character that has no family to last on a soap opera," he reveals. "I have been attached to nothing almost all the time. Every time they brought on family, they killed it my parents and brother." Despite published reports, DePaiva is still taping scenes. "I will be done shooting on Sept. 19," he reveals. He doesn't know how Max will exit, but speculates with a chuckle, "I'll finally go see my other two kids that I've ignored for 10 years, so I can be the father all those fans have complained about."

Along with several auditions in regional theater, DePaiva is considering a return to daytime, behind the camera. "I had contacted a producer of another soap before the Emmys to talk about directing on a freelance basis, and he said, 'As soon as you are free, come talk to me.'" As for a return to OLTL if the opportunity arises, DePaiva is noncommittal. "If it was beneficial for my family, if the situation once again was creative and positive, and they were going to make a concentrated effort to write for the character..." he theorizes. "I'll miss my wife, Kassie DePaiva (Blair). A lot of our life is connected through OLTL, but nothing lasts forever. And I'll get to see her when she comes home." 

Taylor Leaving As the World Turns

Although the news is unconfirmed by the show, Paul Taylor, who created the role of Issac Jenkins in 1999, has been released from As the World Turns, TV Guide Online has learned. His last tape day was Aug. 6. Taylor received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Ben's streetwise younger brother in 2001, but the character's screen time has diminished in the last few months. Taylor teamed up with attorney and filmmaker Ken Del Vecchio in 2002 to produce and star in the independent feature Tinseltown. Most recently, Taylor's been writing and creating music for several media-related projects. 


Ex-GH Cast Member Joins GL

Ending months of speculation, Stephen Martines (ex-Nikolas, GH) the actor formerly known as Coltin Scott will assume the role of Tony Santos from exiting Jordi Vilasuso this fall on Guiding Light. Martines's name change is actually a return to his birth given moniker. "He decided to use [Coltin Scott] when he went to General Hospital, and I don't think he was ever comfortable with it," shares the actor's rep, "so he changed back to his real name." 

Vilasuso surprised the media by announcing his plans to depart GL after winning Outstanding Younger Actor at this year's Daytime Emmy Awards, where he also hinted that the show already had a recast in mind. Vilasuso will be seen on GL through September.