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 Jack Finally Gets A Love-Other Than Livvie or Tess
By: Kaitlin
Chapter 1
Jack walked down the trailway in the park. It was dangerous. Gosh, he knew that, but still the park was the only place he could think anymore. Suddenly he looked up. Before him stood Caleb.  The past few weeks Caleb and everyone who knew the truth about him had come to an understanding. It was not to be confused with friendship. In fact, they were still far from it.
"Hello Jack," Caleb said with a slight smile that signified that he was being a bit sarcastic.
"Caleb," Jack wryly replied since he noted the sarcasm in Caleb's tone as well as his face.
Caleb had Tess. He was actually much happier without her in his life. She had caused too much trouble for him, and he now realized that the only reasons he had gone after her in the first place had been because she had saved his life. Well, that and the fact that he thought she was like Livvie used to be-before Caleb that is.
A bit more sarcastically Caleb said, "So, Jack how are you doing? I know you really want to know how Tess and I are. Sorry, but I can't talk about that too much..."
"Shut up Caleb! You know that I don't care about Tess anymore, and personally I don't want to know anything about the two of you." Jack interuppted.
"Well, well, well aren't we grumpy today Jack. You know you really ought to improve that attitude. It could do wonders." Caleb said very sarcastically and a bit laughingly this time.
Jack decided that he better leavethe park before he hurt Caleb. Caleb had promised not to harm anyone as long as he could keep Tess. Jack knew he would keep this promise because he had everything to loose, but he would gain nothing. Rafe had found a way that he could easily kill Caleb, but he would not tell anyone what it was. Caleb knew what Rafe had figured out, and he knew that this method really would kill him so he went along with the plan.
Jack went straight to Rafe and Alison's house. He needed to talk to someone, and Alison or even Rafe were fine with him. Jack walked in the house without even knocking. He was surprised to find wedding books all over the floor. In the middle of the mess was Alison in a robe with her hair sloppily thrown up in a ponytail. She glanced up then rushed over to Jack.
"Jack, I'm sorry that the place is such a mess. You know the wedding is in one week. One week! And we can't get any of the people who helped with the first one to help with this one. They are all booked! The church, the caterer, everyone!"  She began sobbing.
Jack now remembered that Alison and Rafe were getting married very soon. One week in the future like Alison had said. He could not believe that Rafe and Alison were finally going through with it this time, but he was happy for his friends.
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