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PC Weekly - Paige's Weekly Port Charles Thoughts
For the week of March 3rd, 2003

Third Issue! I hope you enjoyed last weeks issue. I decided to make PC Weekly a website because it's a lot easier this way. Ok, Monday, Tuesday and Friday's Recaps are going to be from SoapNet because on Monday/Tuesday i was at my stepdads house and didn't pay to much attention to what was going on. lol and on Friday 10-15 mintues of the beginning of PC was Pre-empted. I also renamed The Big Weekly Recap PC Docter, your weekly Port Charles Checkup!

-PC Docter, Your Weekly Port Charles Checkup!-

On Monday, March 3rd, Lucy tries to seduce Stephen as a way to save her own life. Stephen realizes what Lucy is trying to do and plans on killing her anyway. Lucy is spared when Stephen suddenly disappears after sensing that Tess is in trouble. Kevin uses the music box to bring Livvie out. Kevin urges Livvie to be strong enough to vanquish Tess from her once and for all. Stephen arrives and destroys the music box, causing Livvie to revert back to being Tess. Kevin realizes that Stephen wants Tess now and not Livvie. Kevin vows to get Livvie back. Stephen tells a confused Tess that he is taking her home with him. Alison stops Rafe from killing Ian by turning off the music to "Naked Eyes." Rafe and Ian return to normal and describe what they saw in their minds when they listened to the first five notes of "Naked Eyes." Alison listens to the music and feels more love for Rafe than she has ever felt before. Ian is furious when he learns Lucy was going to make love with Stephen.

On Tuesday, March 4th, Caleb takes Tess to his loft, wanting to be with her forever. Tess is surprised when she realizes that Stephen really does love her and not Livvie. Tess admits she feels something for Stephen but still fears his evil side. Stephen promises to stop going after his enemies for Tess' sake. Tess doesn't want to leave things unresolved with Jack and Stephen reluctantly allows her to go to him. A drunken Jack finds an upset Reese in the park. Jack and Reese spar with each other but the situation soon changes. Jack takes Reese home with him with the intention of making love to her. Tess later arrives as Jack and Reese are about to make love. Ricky realizes that "Marissa" is really Casey. Ricky kisses Casey, who suddenly disappears in his arms. Ian is furious when Lucy admits she would have made love with Stephen. In her anger, Lucy throws a book at Ian. Ian and Lucy are shocked when they see a picture of a hot springs in the book and Ian realizes it is the same place he saw when he listened to "Naked Eyes." Stephen sits alone playing "Naked Eyes" over and over again.

On Wendsday, March 5th, Elizabeth gets a visit from Joshua in her hotel room, Joshua tells her his plan about how to get back at Caleb. She doesn't want to do it, considering it involves spying on Rafe and Alison. But she does it anyway and lets Joshua feed on her. Lucy and Ian pay Victor a visit, hoping he would know more about the healing pool. They find a map that shows that the healing pool is under Port Charles! But they don't know where because a piece of the map is missing. Meanwhile, Rafe and Alison are still puzzled about the Naked Eyes lyrics. Kevin comes to visit them, claiming that he wants to help destroy Caleb, and notices the song note paper and draws a pattern on it. Rafe and Alison become even more puzzled because they have no idea what he just did. Tess see's Jack and Reese kissing. They have a talk and decide they don't want to see each other agian. Tess goes back to the place where Jack first found her and cries, looking at a old fairy tale book he read to her when he first found her.

On Thursday, March 6th, Elizabeth flirts with Frank at the Recovery Room bar. She relizes she is really attracted to him and he gets nervous and goes to make a phone call. Joshua comes up behind Elizabeth and tells her that he doesn't think he is interested. Elizabeth shoves him and tells him to get lost. He starts talking to her about the plan. They walk over to a table and discuss it. Elizabeth tries to walk away, but Joshua grabs her. Frank comes over and defends Elizabeth and Elizabeth tells him thanks and walks out of the bar leaving Frank and Joshua glaring at each other. Joshua tries to 'make friends' with him, but Frank refuses and walks away. Alison and Rafe go over the pattern Kevin drew on the song note paper. Ian and Lucy walk in telling them that they found out about the healing springs. Kevin walks out at the same time and they start talking. Ian tells him to leave and he does. Elizabeth knocks on the door and joins Lucy, Ian, Rafe and Alison. Lucy and Ian say they have to go do a thing, because they don't want Elizabeth to find out about the healing pool. She then tells Rafe and Alison she wants to help them defeat Caleb. Caleb finds Tess and they talk about how sad both of them are (lol). Caleb tells her that they are supposed to be together forever.

On Friday, March 7th, Lucy, Ian, and Kevin try to find a way out of the crawlspace they have been trapped in. Kevin helps calm Lucy when she begins to panic due to her claustrophobia. Ian, Lucy, and Kevin dig a hole through the wall and find a beautiful, ice covered setting with the hot spring in the middle. Lucy and Ian are amazed they found the spring exactly as legend described it. Lucy sees someone in the mist and realizes they are not alone. Stephen puts Tess to bed and prepares to spend the night in a chair. The sexual longing is thick between Tess and Stephen. Tess comforts Stephen when he has a nightmare about his stepmother turning him into a vampire. Tess tells Stephen she wants to be loved by the man he was before he was changed. Stephen and Tess make love. Rafe and Alison play "Naked Eyes" for Elizabeth, but she lies and says she envisions nothing when she hears the music. Elizabeth goes to warn Stephen but sees him making love to Tess.

-My Thoughts-

* Since i didn't really pay attention to Monday and Tuesday, i did notice that Casey was sent back to heaven once Ricky found out she wansn't Marrisa. AND we haven't seen them the whole week...that's a little dissapointing. lol
* I loved Elizabeth's attitude on Wendsday! Alot of people hate her snobby attitude..but me..i think it's funny! lol
* Caleb and Tess are REALLY getting boring!! I mean i found myself falling asleep during all of their scences together. It was probably because they just talk about the same thing everday! lol
* The Healing Pool is so cool! When they got into it i was like..omg i wish i was there right now.
* Victor! I never knew who Victor was (since i started watching in December) but i like him on PC. They should have him on more often.
* FRANKIE!!!! Omg...i love him! I've never seen him on PC either (well he was at Alison and Rafe's wedding, but he was only on for a second) and i know so much about him from the internet, he is now one of my favorite guy characters! and what made it even better, was that Elizabeth (my fave) was flirting with him! Ah! I was watching it over and over. lol

Now remember, these are just MY thoughts, they don't affect PC in any way. lol

-My Captions-

Alison - I am now going to contact the spirts of the ancient Banjo Kazooie...Abrakadabra Ka...HUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!

Ricky - ARG!! Who stole my cell phone?!?
Jamal - Uuuuhhhhhh...not me...
Casey - OOOOO!! a lier!!

Lucy - Ian...get away!! I'm gonna use my super sharp fangs to bite you!!
Ian - um..Lucy...your not a vampire! Did you forget to take your Ditziness-Be-Gone pills today?

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Thanks Nessa for the Screen Caps.

-Caption Contest-

Do want to Caption one of the Screen Caps above? Great! Email me at and every Friday, the winners with the Funniest Caption will be posted here. There will be the Top 5 Funniest Captions. So don't hesitate...enter now! I would love to read everyone else's captions!

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